This Is Why Mindset In Business Is So Famous!

2017 has been a tremendous year for me and my business in more ways than one. Am not a millionaire yet. Not even close. Like most small business owners, I was over-delivering, under-charging. The need to retain clients was far greater than the number of hours I was investing in their businesses. So underpaid and overworked. So, how has this year been superb for me? In more ways than one. The biggest achievement for me has been shift in mindset.  Saying goodbye to my limiting self-beliefs. It hasn’t been an easy journey and honestly, am still not there 100 percent. It’s an ongoing process- something I invest time on a daily basis. It hasn’t been overnight that I decided to charge for what I deserve or say ciao to demanding clients who were paying less.

Here’s how I made it possible for me to charge from peanuts to chocolates:

  1. Money mindset: This has been the big one. As a small business owner, you tend to have the scarcity money mindset. You start equating your lack of finance with the rest of the world. Just because you can’t afford a lot of things in your business, you think so can’t the rest of the world. The realisation- there’s enough and more money for people to spend on my digital marketing services. If they can’t afford my services then they definitely are not my ideal clients.After sacking two low-paying clients this year, I created space for better paying ones.
  2. Define the target market: As Marie Forleo says, ‘If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll be nothing to no one.’ So instead of targeting anyone and everyone who needed digital marketing services, I went back to the drawing board and defined my ideal customer. Today, we provide white-labelled services to digital marketing agencies. Whether they need Facebook ads or Google Adwords or websites, identifying this has been the biggest success for me.
  3. Define business goals: Till you don’t put it down, it’s not there. As soloprenuers, we take each day as it comes- fire-fighting, meeting deadlines. Stating your business goals help you stay organised. A business is all about numbers, by the end of the day. If we want to lose weight, we generally define by saying, ‘I want to lose x kilos by y date.’ And then we work towards it. For the first time in my business I actually created SMART goals and put an action plan to it. Read more here about my 2018 goals.
  4. Getting out of comfort zone:  The realization that there’s so much more on the other side of fear. Getting out of one’s comfort zone is not easy. Identifying the fear factors and trying to get past them almost on a daily basis.
  5. Practising daily gratitude and meditation: While this may sound a bit woo-woo to some, this is critical. A daily gratitude practise, is like breakfast. The way, breakfast is fuel for the body, a daily gratitude ritual is fuel for the mind and soul. As someone who works from home, some days can feel totally horrible with negative thoughts creeping in. A 5-minutes mediation can also do wonders in such situations.

Intention-setting, goal -setting might come easily to many. But if you are like me, then figuring out those tangible goals and working towards them can be quite a task. Figuring out, goals is though just half the battle won, for it’s the action that really matters. In 2018, I intend to take my entrepreneurial journey to the next level by joining  a mastermind. That’s been another learning – to keep learning fast and from the best.

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