1:1 Mentoring, 1 Hour: Increase eComm Facebook or google Ad Account ROAS by at least 1 x more, or your money back.

the problem

When the leads and sales dry up in your Facebook and Google campaigns, troubleshooting on your own can be overwhelming. Algorithms change quicker than a toddler’s tantrums. The details required on every level make it easy to miss that one thing that pulls the lever and turns the campaign around. 

Even increasing by just an extra 1 x return on ad spend can be tough when you feel like you’re flying blind

- Running your own Facebook or Google ads can get quite overwhelming.
- Algorithms change quicker than a toddler’s tantrums. 
- Running Facebook or Google ads shouldn’t be stressful
- Increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by even 1 x can be tough when you don’t know where to look (but do the math on even just an extra 1 x ROAS on your current ad spend!)

who is this for?

if  you are running ads for your own business and want to take things to the next level…

You are a Facebook or Google ads freelancer and want a second pair of eyes to look into your ad account. Or just want to make recommendations to your client about overall digital strategy

You run an ad agency, and need a fresh pair of eyes to audit your client’s ad accounts, then this 1:1 mentorship is for you.

How does it work?

- Your Ad account is audited in real-time through screen-share.
- We deep dive into your ad account and provide solutions in real-time.
Bonus! You even get to keep the recording
- Step-by-step recommendations to help improve ROI
- Only eCommerce verticals 

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Let me bring my 14 years of advertising experience to your ad account

Veena is a growth driven marketer at DigitalStreet. She has over 14 years of advertising experience and has led million dollar campaigns for companies like Leo Burnett, McCann and FCB.
A data-driven marketer, she helps eCommerce brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle & fitness niches to scale and grow to 7+figures.
As a digital consultant and performance media specialist, she works closely with businesses, advertising agencies from providing digital strategy, CRO solutions, full funnel builds and digital advertising solutions.